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BioPress Pressurised Filters

The OASE BioPress pond filters are entry level pressurised filters and include an Ultraviolet Clarifier (UVC) for eradicating pathogens and green water (single celled algae). The pressurised filter housing means you can pump the cleansed pond water up to a small watercourse or feature. Biopress filters incorporate a simple easy clean system for in-situ filter foam cleaning. The BioPress filter range are suitable for ponds from 4,000 - 10,000 litres.

Choosing the most suitable BioPress Filter for your pond.

BioPress Filter Selection Chart

BioPress Replacement Foams & UV Bulbs

Filter ModelFoam SetReplacement Ultraviolet Bulb
BioPress 4000Complete Foam Set7 Watt Lamp
BioPress 6000Complete Foam Set9 Watt Lamp
BioPress 10000 Complete Foam Set11 Watt Lamp

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