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    • 2 inch BSPF Female Camlock Connector

    • The Female Camlock Connector is designed to fit its male counterpart, the 2 inch BSPF Male Camlock.

      Camlocks function by use of two lever-clamps and a grooved counterpart. These fittings do not need to be unscrewed to separate, making attaching and detaching the two sections of 2” fittings fast and convenient.

      We recommend use of a camlock wherever 2" hose is in use, but a cam coupling is especially useful in drainage applications or wherever connection and disconnection of 2 inch components are a frequent occurrence. 

      The camlock features a BSPF 2" thread for use with other 2" fittings.

      Camlock fittings are also known as cam couplings or groove couplings.

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    • Quantity:

      £12.60 inc. VAT

      £10.50 exc. VAT

    Size: 2" / 50mm 

    Camlock Classification: Type D

    Pressure Rating: 6 Bar (Max)

    Material: PP (Polypropylene) with aluminum locking arms

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