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  • AquaMed QuickFit - 0.5l treats 10,000L

    • Aquamed QuickFit is a fish health treatment ideal for use after introduction of new fish stock, transport, and after recovery from disease or injury.
    • Contains 40% valuable aloe vera extract to support regeneration of the skin and thus contributes to wound healing and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Iodine compound promotes formation of pituitary gland hormones and thus prevents disorder and deformation.
    • Contains trace elements and vitamin C which strengthen the immune system and reduce susceptibility to disease and vitamin deficiency.
    • Has an infection inhibiting effect and rests gently on the skin like a bandage.
    • Reduces stress and enhances well-being.
    • Optimal Supplement AquaMed Safe&Care
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Dosage Instructions:
Introduce every 14 days and after particularly stressful situations.
50ml per 1000 litres of water.

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