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  • OASE Living Water
  • Biotec 36 Screenmatic Pond Filter

  • High performance filter with automatic coarse debris extraction from OASE, the worlds leading manufacturer of Aquatic technology

    • Max. pond volume 140000 litres (no fish); 70000 ltrs (average fish stock e.g. goldfish); 35000 ltrs Koi
    • Guaranteed clear, healthy pond water through outstanding Oase Aquatic Technology
    • Course particles above 300 microns are extracted by Screenmatic rotating sieve
    • Automatic cleaning of rotating separator sieve with collection tray for simple removal of separated substances
    • Course and fine filter media with large surface area facilitates population of beneficial filter bacteria
    • Easy-clean function of filter foams without removal from filter housing with integral sludge drain, completed in minutes
    • Guaranteed clear, healthy pond water through staged mechanical and biological cleaning
    • 3 year guarantee (excluding foams)
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    £1,166.66 exc. VAT

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OASE SCREENMATIC FILTERS incorporate proven Oase Filter Technology. Oase have once again set new standards for outstanding filtration with simple operation and fast, easy cleaning. The specially designed SCREENMATIC SIEVE retains all debris particles above 300 microns, the then lightly polluted water flows through special matting where it is enriched with oxygen. The water then flows through different grades of filter foams where mechanical and biological cleaning takes place. The final 'individual' chamber is so-called because you have the choice of changing the standard Zeolite media for an alternative such as Phosless, an activated carbon that removes phosphates and reduces algae (particularly useful during hot summer months).

  • Rotating screenmatic drive programmed to rotate at regular intervals to conserve energy
  • Final chamber includes Zeolite, a natural product which biologically breaks down toxic ammonia and removes nutrient base for green algae. The supplied Zeolite tubes can also be 'recharged' by soaking in a salt water solution
  • Zeolite can be changed to Phosless, a natural product which binds phosphates, heavy metals (e.g. Copper and lead) and sulphide, which is particularly effective against string algae.

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