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  • Kubus Rechargeable Coloured Light

  • The Kubus is a remote controlled 40cm x 40cm x 40cm bright illuminated cube with smoothly rounded edges and corners, for use indoors, outdoors and even in water!

    All well as being an eye-catching feature, this versatile product can also serve as a lamp or a nightlight, a floating decoration in a pond or swimming pool, or as household or garden furniture such a seat or a table, supporting weight up to 100kg on its robust and shock-resistant exterior frame. The frosted white polycarbonate exterior evenly spreads and distributes the light over the entire surface area of the Kubus, producing an ethereal glow that radiates from every side and angle.

    The LED light is powered via a rechargeable battery and control panel on the underside which effectively makes the Kubus light wireless when charged, ideal when positioned in open areas. It takes around 6 hours to charge from empty and at full charge the Kubus can remain illuminated for up to 9 hours, depending on the setting. Colours and programs can be set manually via the underside or by using the supplied remote control.

    The LED lights can be set to any one of 7 standard colours, White, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Orange, Purple or Light Blue. Colour jumping or slow colour phasing cycles can also be selected and the pause button will freeze the program any point, meaning any colour shade outside of the standard colours can also be set as a fixed colour. Brightness can be adjusted and the light can be switched on and off, or set to switch off automatically after 3 hours all via the remote control.

    The Kubus is supplied with a remote control (lithium battery included), an integral rechargeable lithium light battery and a battery charger with cable and wall plug.

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Rechargeable Multi-Coloured LED Light Technical Details

Product Details





Light Source

8 x RGB + 12 x White SMT LED

IP Rating




Indoor/Outdoor/Pond/Swimming Pool


Battery (LED)

1700mAh Lithium Rechargeable

Battery (Remote)

3v CR2025L Lithium

Charging Time

6 Hours

Remote Function

On/Off, Fixed Colour, Auto, Pause, Flash, Bright, Timer 3H

Fixed Colours

White, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Orange, Purple, Light Blue

Light Duration

Up to 9 Hours depending on setting.

Charger Cable

1.8 metre (indoor use only).



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