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    • Norit High Activated Filter Carbon: 5000ml

      • Norit High Activated Filter Carbon is a special filter medium to remove organic fine dirt, aromatic substances and colourings.
      • It is pre-eminently suitable to filter pond water and it can be used in any type of pond filter.
      • Owing to the constant form of the grain, a very good flow of the water is obtained.
      • As a result of this and also because of the activity of Norit Highly Activated Filter Carbon, the water is perfectly cleaned and filtered until it is crystal clear.
      • Can be used in filters and moving pond water, fine mesh filter bag supplied.
      • Sufficient for 5000 litre pond without fish, 2500 litre goldfish pond, 1250 litres Koi pond.
    • Quantity:

      £37.20 inc. VAT

      £31.00 exc. VAT

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