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    • Pebble Pool 100cm round

    • Water Garden's circular Pebble Pool is a great way of creating a small water feature in your outdoor space.  The pool features a 18 Litre water reservoir in which a Fountain Pump such as the Aquarius Fountain Set 1000 can be installed and submersed.  The outer rim diameter measure around 1 metre and can be filled with decorative pebbles on which the fountain display will cascade onto, creating the gentle sound of water in your garden.

      • 18 litre capacity. 
      • Made from durable black plastic, this small reservoir is suitable for a small pump and fountain.
      • 100cm outer diameter.

      The Pebble pool can also be used with a combination of the more powerful Aquarius Fountain Set 3500 and a Foaming Jet Fountain Nozzle which will look stunning when illuminated at night time.

    • Quantity:

      £79.20 inc. VAT

      £66.00 exc. VAT

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