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  • Pisa Oil Torches - Steel (Set of 2)

  • The Pisa Steel Torches are stylish conical oil lamps on solid 2.2cm thick wooden stakes. The oil lamps are made from stainless steel with a brushed finish and resemble Olympic torches with their angled top cones. The Pisa steel set 2 contains 2 of these oil torches.

    These torches are supplied with pre-fitted fibreglass wicks which are held in childproof wick holders. The Pisa steel oil torches are also supplied with wick snuffers in matching brushed stainless steel which are used to extinguish the flames and provide weather protection when not in use. The brown wood stakes feature metal hooks for hanging the snuffers when the torches are in use.

    The Pisa stakes can be pushed into soft ground or installed in a freestanding position on solid ground with the use of the metal weighted bases for 2.2cm stakes which are available separately.

    The Pisa steel oil lamps each measure around 75mm in diameter and the torches each stand approximately 1.43m tall. The oil capacity of these oil lamps is 0.17 litres which allows for a continuous burning period of around 4 hours before the lamps need refilling.

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