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  • Pond Guard Shuffle - Heron Deterrent

  • The Pond Guard Shuffle is specifically designed to protect your goldfish and Koi against predatory herons, cats and other larger pests by the use of glaring flashes of light and penetrating noise of birds of prey, including an ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to human beings.

    By installing this unique Pond Guard on the edge of the pond you will trigger an immediate flight response that will stop cats and herons getting close to the pond, stopping the animal from catching all your valuable fish.  

    The concept is ingenious, yet simple: at an angle of 180° and within a radius of no more than 25 metres, a movement sensor will detect an approaching heron (or cat) and immediately emit a number of glaring flashes and the penetrating sound of animals of prey.  The result: the heron or cat takes flight, not to return to your pond in a hurry.

    • The sensor is set to only trigger with cat sized animals and larger pests.
    • Smaller harmless birds and animals will not be detected.
    • Supplied with safety transformer and 4 metres of cable.
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