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  • Pond Jet Classic Floating Fountain

  • The OASE Pond Jet Classic floating fountain is very simple to install and is ideal for use in natural & artificial ponds or lakes, or where the depth of a pond is too great to position a conventional submersible fountain pump.  OASE recommend a minimum water depth of around 1 metre in good quality water, or around 1.5 metres if the base of the pond or lake is heavily silted or muddy.  

    The pre-assembled fountain nozzle fitted to the Pond-Jet Classic will create a beautiful 12 jet, single tiered water display around 3 metres (10ft) height, with around 3 metres (10ft) diameter.  The cascading water jets will also assist in circulating and aerating the water body, adding dissolved oxygen and reducing stagnation.  Due to the Pond Jet's simple installation, the fountain is also ideal for use in temporary venues such as weddings, exhibitions and parties.

    • Floating fountain pump set includes a 12 Jet, single tier, 3m diameter by 3m high water display.
    • 20 metres (approx 65ft) of 230V Single Phase electrical cable is also supplied.
    • Optional Pond Jet Halogen Lighting Set and LED Light Set are also available (not supplied).
    • 3 Year OASE Guarantee.
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  • Quantity:

    £879.99 inc. VAT

    £733.33 exc. VAT

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    Optional 3 x Spotlight Set for the Pond Jet Floating Fountain
    Halogen Light Set for OASE Pond Jet

    £448.80 inc. VAT

    £374.00 exc. VAT

    Power LED Light Set for Pond Jet Fountain

    £622.80 inc. VAT

    £519.00 exc. VAT


An optional submersed lighting kit can be added to the float section to create stunning effects at night.  Three powerful 50 watt Lunaqua 10 halogen spotlights are directly connected via a fully submersible transformer, providing a beautiful fibre optic style cascade effect.

A simple 1" threaded connection allows other Fountain Nozzles to be fitted at a later date if desired, creating different fountain effects.

Both the Pond Jet and the optional Lighting Set are supplied complete with 20 metres of 230V single phase cable for simple electrical connection.

The floating fountain can also be controlled via the optional Inscenio OASE FM Master 3 Remote Control System - see below.  The controller will allow on/off switching of the PondJet pump and provide seperate on/off control of the optional Pond Jet Illumination Set.  In addition, the Fountain display height can also be adjusted electronically via the same remote control handset, with a maximum range of up to 80 metres (around 260ft). 

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