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  • Profilux 100 E 12V Halogen Underwater Light

  • The top of the range, Oase Profilux 100 combines state-of-the-art lighting technology with stylish and practical design. This powerful 100 watt halogen underwater light, constructed from high-quality stainless steel, will create a mantle of shimmering light for brilliant illumination of large commercial fountains, ponds or water features.

    The Profilux 100 is fitted with a 100 watt halogen lamp, adjustable stainless steel fixing bracket and 7.5 metres of low voltage cable and comes supplied with a weatherproof transformer.

    The Profilux 100 can only be installed underwater and must remain in constant submersion when in use as this high power spotlight must be cooled by the water it is submerged in. If exposed in dry surroundings when illuminated, an in-built temperature limiter will cut power to the spotlight to prevent overheating.

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    £297.60 inc. VAT

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The Profilux 100 is a high-end 100 watt halogen spotlight constructed from stainless steel. The powerful spotlight lends itself to large fountains and large water features both commercial and private where intense warm-glow illumination is required. This spotlight is also well-suited to submerged illumination in lakes and large ponds.

The Profilux 100 is pre-fitted with a 100 watt halogen lamp and is supplied with a weatherproof transformer suitable for outside mounting. The spotlight itself is suitable for full and continuous submersion only due to cooling requirements.

The Oase Profilux 100 is supplied on a stainless steel mounting bracket which can be fixed to a flat surface allowing the spolight angle to be adjusted and the light beam aimed at the focal point of illumination.

Where ground securing is not an option such as lined ponds and lakes, the Profilux 100 can be fitted with the separate Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand which will allow the spotlight to stand independently as the image below illustrates.



The Oase Profilux 100 watt halogen spotlight is the ideal illumination product for larger projects where powerful, high-end stainless steel lighting products are required.

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