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Flood & Emergency Pumps - Take Action

With country-wide flooding affecting thousands of homes and businesses due to the recent deluge, it may be time to take matters into your own hands and fit an emergency flood pump.  Councils and the Environment Agency are attempting to tackle the UK-wide issue but seem to be failing miserably to keep up.


Photo courtesy of the Daily Express.

If you are a home or business owner under threat of flooding or are already suffering, you should consider installing a drainage pump in the grounds, cellar or basement.  Submersible drainage pumps can be connected quickly and simply to a 230 volt power supply, to evacuate polluted water and direct this away via a flexible hose. 

Flood & Drainage Pumps

A number of sump pumps are fitted with an automatic ‘float switch’ which will turn the pump off when the water level has dropped, switching back on as the level rises.  Water can then be pumped uphill or horizontally at significant distances away from the property.

If the grounds of the property are affected, a small hole can be excavated and the pump installed in this temporary ‘sump’.  A more permanent sump with cover can be built once the current issues have subsided.

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