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Otterbine Barebo Inc

Otterbine Barebo Inc

Otterbine Barebo began manufacturing aeration systems some 60 years ago for wastewater treatment works and commercial fish farms. In 1980 they recognised that the need for clean water went beyond industrialised applications to include ponds and lakes.  Since then they have been providing high quality aeration systems, fountains and underwater lights for anywhere that people want to enjoy large bodies of clean, healthy water.

Land developments and agriculture run off creates pollutants that are rich in nutrients containing excessive concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen that can deplete a pond or lake of oxygen.  Low oxygen levels and/or stagnant water circulation prematurely ages water quality and can destroy the ponds natural eco system.  Symptoms include algal bloom, excessive aquatic weeds, insect infestations and foul odours which are unsightly and can be particularly detrimental if the pond or lake is used to support aquatic life and waterfowl, or if used to irrigate crops or turf.

Installation of an Otterbine aeration system will add beneficial oxygen and create currents that will eliminate stagnant water. Aeration mixes cool bottom water with the warmer upper layers thereby reducing thermal stratification (temperature layering). Oxygen levels are replenished facilitating procreation of healthy aerobic bacteria that consume excess nutrients, thereby resuming a balanced ecosystem with clean healthy water.

Water Garden supplies the highly popular and energy efficient Otterbine 5 in 1 Aerator; Comet, Equinox, Gemini and Tristar Fountains and the Diffused Lake Aeration System which can oxygenate large lakes without disturbing the visual appeal of a tranquil water surface.

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