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SaniKoi Fish & Koi Foods

SaniKoi Fish & Koi Foods

SaniKoi is a complete range of high quality fish foods suitable for Koi Carp and pond fish, developed by the quality Dutch manufacturer of pond biology products. áSanikoi fish and Koi foods include SaniComplex « for optimum digestion and Sani Booster « will help enhance your fish's immune system. Regular feeding is essential for all garden pond fish to ensure they remain active and healthy with optimum growth and brilliant colouring.

In the wild, pond fish continually feed and their digestive system is adapted to this. In a garden pond excessive feeding can lead to indigestion and pollution of the pond eco system. SaniKoi fish and Koi feeds contains only natural ingredients that ensure the pond water will not become polluted.

SaniKoi Fish Foods include HI-Grow Colour Mix to promote lively colours and growth; Staple Prime is a 100% natural feed that is easily digestible; Excellent All-Round is rich in proteins and is a complete feed for good growth; Winter Wheat fish food is for low temperature feeding prior to the onset of Winter.

All SaniKoi food bags are re-sealable to ensure the quality and flavour is maintained.

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