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T-T have accumulated over 50 years of experience in the development, design and manufacturing of high quality pumps for the use of water extraction in a variety of pumping applications.  Water Garden's range of TT pumping equipment include fully submersible drainage pumps which are ideal for the removal of nuisance water during flood situations as well as pond and lake water extraction.

Many T-T pumps feature a float switch which will automatically detect a rise in water level, switching the pump on to extract the water, then switching off when the pumped water level drops.  Float switch controlled pumps are therefore well suited for permanent installation to remove unwanted water in cellars and basements, in addition to outdoor areas prone to flooding.

TT's potent Trencher pump features an agitator which allows this powerful and robust unit to extract heavily sedimented water such as silt, sand and general detritus in ponds, lakes, quarries and construction sites.  The Trencher is one of the most powerful 230 volt single phase pumps on the marketplace today, delivering significant water volumes at high vertical lifts so are also well suited to providing impressive water features such as cascades, streams and decorative waterfalls.

T-T Pumps offer reliability and innovative features that surpass the competition, with value for money firmly in mind.  Water Garden are therefore proud to offer the T-T brand as a trusted supplier.

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