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Automatic Water Top-up Systems

Water Features and Ponds can be automatically topped up from mains water supply to help minimise water loss due to evaporation. Private and commercial fountains can also benefit from automated top-up, particularly if fountain nozzles require a specific water depth to operate effectively. Water Garden offer mechanical ball float & valve and electrical Solenoid top-up systems.

If a mains water supply is available, Water Garden's automatic water top-up devices will allow automated water injection to maintain the correct water level in ponds, pools, sumps and water features.  Gravity fed pond filtration systems often require a very specific water level to be maintained at all times to ensure the filter is regulating itself and this can be a difficult task to monitor and regulate by manual means.

The OASE ProfiClear Guard features a discreet sensor which will detect a high and low water level and once triggered, the electronic solenoid will automatically allow mains connected water to flood into the pool and will automatically switch the solenoid off once the correct water level is achieved.  We also offer mechanical ball-cock devices which again can be directly connected to the mains water supply and once the pivoting arm has been set into position, the ball float will drop as the water level drops, allowing fresh water into the pool.  Once the float has risen to the set position, the mechanical valve will shut itself off.