Hose Tails & Hose Joiners
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Hose Tails & Hose Joiners

Hose Joiners can be used to connect or extend pond hoses of various internal diameters. Elbow Hosetails are designed to allow sharp turns to be created rather than bending the hose. BSP (British Standard Pipe Threaded) connectors can used for connecting flexible hoses to Pond Pumps, Filters, UV Clarifiers and Water Features.

Tip:  Always secure the hose with a Stainless Steel Hose Clip, even if the hose is a tight fit on the hose connector.  This will prevent leakages as water and ambient temperature changes occur.

Tip:   Try and avoid using lots of sharp turns in a pipe run, as this will create flow losses in the system which will reduce the pumped water output.