Lake Fountains & Pumps

Water Gardenís range of Lake Fountains are ideal for larger pond and lake waters, offering a stunning decorative display with aeration benefits.

Our entry-level OASE Pond Jet Eco floating fountain is well suited to smaller ponds and will produce an ornamental display of around 3 metres diameter by 3 metres tall and can also be illuminated to create a stunning evening time display.  Our popular and versatile 5-in-1 aerator fountain will assist in aerating areas up to ½ Acre (approx. 2000m2) and can be configured in 4 different display patterns or used as a horizontal mixer.  For larger lake waters, the Pro-Jet, Gemini, Comet, Tristar and Equinox fountains all pack a visual punch and offer aeration benefits.  For truly spectacular displays, our Grand Floating Fountains will not disappoint and can deliver water displays up to 90ft (27 metres) height.

Water Garden Ltd also offer a range of fountain nozzle attachments for connection to commercial grade pumps to create impressive vertical water jets.  We have selected a number of our larger nozzles to cater for large water bodies and all nozzles have a BSP (British Standard Pipe) threaded connection allowing the nozzle to be simply screwed or unscrewed to the submersed pump.  This enables the water display to be changed quickly and simply, should you wish to alter the fountain effect in the future.  Our commercial pumps are built for demanding applications and can be used for both fountain displays and larger waterfalls, streams and cascades.  Water Garden can assist you in selecting the correct pump/nozzle combination so please email or call for expert support.



PondJet Eco Vulkan 37 3

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