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Fountain & Aeration Nozzles

Water Garden's range of larger fountain nozzles and spray rings are ideal for larger bodies of water or commercial fountain displays. Whilst creating an attractive aesthetic appearance, fountain and aeration nozzles will also assist in increasing the dissolved oxygen content in a pond or lake and assist in circulating otherwise stagnant water. All of our fountain nozzles are BSP threaded connections (British Standard Pipe Threads) so can easily be coupled to fountain pumps or standard pipe fittings.

Threaded Fountain Nozzles can be coupled with large static water feature pumps and riser pipes to produce fantastic water fountain displays.

Foaming Jet Fountain Nozzles produce thick plumes of bubbling water and are great for introducing dissolved oxygen into the water, as well as producing an impressive high volume water jet. These fountain nozzles require high flow and pressure to mix air and water, the resulting effect is often compared to a corked champagne bottle, only on a much larger scale.

Cluster Jet Fountain Nozzles combine many small jets of water to produce a single thick water column. These are superb fountains for producing 'crashing water' noise and are ideal for blocking out noise pollution from nearby roads. Cluster Jets can achieve considerable height when coupled with a high flow water pump.

Single Jet Nozzles and High Jet Fountain nozzles produce slender, streamlined jets of water and can achieve very good height. These fountain nozzles can be adjusted by angle and direction to produce arcing jets of water, as well as vertical high jets. Multiple single jet nozzles can be combined to produce larger and more elaborate water displays.

Multi-Tiered Nozzles and Tulip Jets achieve a good fountain height and spray diameter and are amongst the most intricate and attractive fountain patterns available. Multi-Tiered fountains produce a water pattern consisting of a single, central, vertical jet, with lower tiers of water jets firing out from centre. Tulip Jets produce a single cone of water, increasing in height and spread as the fountain rises up. These fountain nozzles can be adjusted to alter the thickness of the water film.  

Pump such as the Aquarius ECO Expert 44000 with high flow rates and pressure head are ideal for use with fountain nozzles on larger ponds and lakes. Aquarius ECO Expert fountain pumps feature a wide bore top outlet, ideal for direct connection to a fountain nozzle and a riser pipe if required. These high-performance pumps also feature variable speed programmes, which can be used to create dynamic, dancing fountains. DMX compatibility also allows the option to control of the fountain via a smart phone or tablet.