Lake Water Quality

Water Garden provide equipment to improve the quality of lake water, promoting fish health, preventing stagnation and improve overall clarity.

Water Garden offer a variety of lake management equipment to assist in circulating and aerating large ponds and lakes to reduce stagnant zones, eliminate thermal stratification (temperature layering) and aeration systems for introducing vital oxygen to the lake water.  Oxygenation will encourage the growth of beneficial ‘friendly’ aerobic bacteria which will greatly assist in reducing the nutrient content and thus reduce problematic weed and algae bloom.  We also offer lake dyes which can be used in conjunction with aeration systems to block the red part of the UV spectrum to further retard the growth of unwanted algae growth, without harming aquatic life such as resident fish and wildfowl.

Our arsenal of lake aerators can be used in a variety of scenarios and come in the form of floating aerators which will not only oxygenate but will also provide a decorative water display.  Injector aerators, mixers and aspirators can be positioned in shallower stagnant zones or water inlets to target specific problematic areas.  For deeper lakes, our diffused lake aeration systems produce rising columns of air bubbles which de-stratify, oxygenate and circulate with the minimum of surface disturbance.  Floating lake skimmers are also available to harvest floating debris before this has the opportunity to sink and decompose.  Water Garden also offer a range of lake water test kits for checking and monitoring water parameters.

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