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Mist Makers with Lights

If you are looking for something a little bit different, then why not consider a mister with LED lights. Mist Makers, otherwise known as foggers or ultrasonic wave atomisers, produce water vapour that floats across the pond or water surface to billow softly to the water's edge. All of these mist makers feature integral LED lights and will work most effectively in windless conditions when installed at 25-40mm below water surface. The misters can also be mounted in a float, which will help to keep the head at exactly the right depth for maximum fog generation.

Mist Makers create thick voluminous clouds of fog emerging from the water’s surface. The integrated LED lights illuminate the fog and create an attractive feature.  Misters can be used in a multitude of ways to help add an extra effect to any pond or water feature. For example, if used in conjunction with our Water bell nozzle the fountain effect will trap the fog within the display and the LED light will illuminate the entirety of the effect.

Mist Makers work by creating ultrasonic vibrations in a ceramic membrane, vibrating at a frequency of 2 Mhz (2 million times per second) water molecules are separated and dispersed upwards. Due to the means in which they function anything which is dissolved into the water is also dispersed into the fog.

If being used indoors, aromatic oils and scents can be mixed into the water for the fog to carry and disperse.  We recommend refreshing the water in indoor misting features regularly to prevent them distributing any unwanted odours.

Our Mist Makers range in size from 1 to 12 membranes.  Larger misters will produce fog at a faster rate and greater volume. Our single membrane mister will produce a light fogging effect up to 0.7m in diameter where as our 12 membrane mister will produce a dense foggy effect up to 5m in diameter.

Mist makers will generally require a float (purchased separately) in order for it to be suspended at the ideal depth below the water surface. We generally recommend a depth ranging from 25 - 40mm deep.  Misters are safe for use in fish ponds when mounted in a float, which will prevent inquisitive fish from nudging the unit of a shelf.