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Filtral Foams and Spares

Replacement filter media sets and spares for Oase Filtral submersible pond filters. Including filter media sets, impellers, fountain kits and UV lamps.

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The OASE Filtral is a superb submersible pond filter but it’s important to maintain the parts inside the filter to ensure optimum performance all year round.  Water Garden recommend changing your UV Bulb once every year, ideally in the early springtime to ensure that single-celled algae is killed off effectively.  It’s important to note that UV radiation produced by the Ultraviolet Clarifier bulb will deteriorate over time so although the lamp may be glowing blue through the inspection window, it is possible that this is offering very little germicidal impact.  OASE UV Bulbs generally have an effective operational life of around 18 months but yearly changes will ensure superb performance.

We also recommend to check the filter foams in your Filtral model as these will eventually begin to fall apart after many years of operation.  If the foams are visually damaged or are crumbling, this is an indication that the sponges require replacement.  This can occur around 2-5 years after installation.  The impeller (rotor) should also be checked periodically and inspected for debris blockages.  The Filtral impellers are fitted with a special safety clutch which is designed to shear if large debris is trapped, to prevent the entire motor from overheating and failing.  If you have noticed that the fountain height or water flow has reduced considerably, check the impeller by holding the shaft in one hand and rotating the rotor ‘fins’ with the other.  If the fins spin a full rotation, it is likely that the safety clutch has sheared and a replacement impeller will be required.  Call or email us should you need any further help with your Filtral filter model.  Please be aware that the Filtral range of filter's have been updated for 2019 and will subsequently require diffferent spare parts than the previous version of the Filtral.  Please see the image below to determine if your Filtral is a NEW version of an OLD version to prevent incompatible parts being ordered.

Old vs New Filtral UVC



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