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Proficlear Premium Spare Parts

Genuine OASE spare parts and consumables for the ProfiClear Premium Drum Filters. Spare Sieves, Motors, Gaskets and Lubricant.


OASE developed their 1st automated drum filter in 2011, catering for larger Koi Carp stocked ponds and the demands these stunning fish can place on a pond filter.  As standard, the ProfiClear Premium-L drum filter is fitted with 60 micron sieves but the recent release of coarse-grade 150µm sieves and fine-grade 30µm sieves has given Koi keepers extra scope to retrofit their drum filters to either cope with more soiled water with less cleaning or, trap much finer particles down to 1/3rd the thickness of a human hair.  Due to the success of the Premium-L system, OASE developed the Premium Compact-M drum filter in 2016 to provide a cost-effective alternative for smaller Koi ponds.  The Compact-M has standard 80 micron sieves but can also be retrofitted with 125 or 60 micron sieves.  The Compact-L now adds to the OASE Drum Filter arsenal and uses the same sieve range as the Premium-L.



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