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OASE Spare Parts - Pond Lighting

Water Garden Ltd have a wide range of spare parts for OASE Lunaqua Pond and garden lights including bulbs, transformers and glass lenses.

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Take care when installing Halogen light bulbs as grease or oils on your hands may cause a reduction in life expectancy of the bulb.  Try to use a soft tissue or a cloth when inserting and handling halogen lamps.  With regards to OASE Transformers and drivers, some of these can be fully submerged in ponds and have been IP68 rated for continuous immersion down to 4 metres depth.  However, many transformers are simply weatherproof and must NOT be submersed.  As a general rule, weatherproof transformers are fine if left outside in the elements but should not be left in standing water (i.e. an area prone to puddling or flooding).  Check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating stamped on the transformer and if in any doubt, contact Water Garden Ltd or the original manufacturer.

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