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Filtral all-in-one Pond Filters

Each OASE Filtral combines a solids handling pump, an ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) for eliminating pathogens and single cell algae and a highly effective multimedia filter for mechanical and biological water cleansing. A single electrical connection is required for these compact and efficient underwater pond water cleaners which can also feed a small watercourse and/or pond fountain. Scroll down the page to view our Filtral comparison chart.

Choosing the right Filtral UVC for your pond.

Filtral Selection Chart

Filtral Replacement Filter Foams & UV Bulbs

Filter ModelFoam is also Compatible withFoam SetReplacement Ultraviolet Bulb
Filtral 3000


Filtral 2500 (obsolete)

Complete Foam & Media Set7 Watt Lamp
Filtral 6000


Filtral 5000 (obsolete)
Filtral 9000

Complete Foam & Media Set9 Watt Lamp
Filtral 9000


Filtral 5000 (obsolete)
Filtral 6000

Complete Foam & Media Set11 Watt Lamp


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