Oase Proficlear Premium Specialist Koi Filtration
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Proficlear Premium Koi Filters

Oase engineers have designed a truly ground-breaking filtration system developed for Koi ponds, swim ponds and ornamental ponds up to 200,000 litres. The heart of the system is the superbly innovative Oase Drum Filter, capable of screening pond debris down to 60 microns, and Moving Bed Module with unique Hel-X Biomedia. This brilliant Oase technology is now available in the Biotec Premium and Proficlear Premium Compact filters

Proficlear Premium Modular Pond Filter Sets from OASE

Koi pond owners know that what starts as a relatively small pond can quickly become much larger as the fish stock increases through natural growth and breeding. As the fish stock increases so do the demands on the filter system.

The new generation Proficlear Premium module filter system has been developed jointly with intensive cooperation with leading Koi experts. With its extremely reliable filter performance, its well thought out functions and its outstanding price / performance ratio, it has set totally new standards.

The system consists of three modules; Drum Filter module, Moving Bed module and Individual module and can be installed as a gravity fed or pump fed system. The Drum module provides truly outstanding mechanical cleaning. The Moving Bed module, with its unique Hel-X biomedia, provides extremely effective biological decomposition of nutrients and pollutants and the individual module provides convenient installation of (gravity fed) pumps and Ultraviolet clarifiers, plus the facility to add additional filter media such as Activated Charcoal or Zeolite. Pond capacity can easily be increased by adding additional modules or installing modules in parallel.

The Proficlear Premium modular filter system achieves outstanding filter performance without compromise.