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Firstly, we suggest calculating your pond volume.  The calculation for this is Length (metres) x W (metres) x D (metres) x 1000.  So, if you have a pond which measures L3m x W2m x D1m x 1000 = 6000 Litres water volume.  The next decision is whether you intend the pond or feature to be purely ornamental (i.e. without fish) or whether you intend to stock small fish (i.e. Goldfish, Rudd, Shubunkins) or if you are planning to cater for Koi Carp.  As a general rule, goldfish will place twice the biological load on a pond filter than having no fish, so the pond filter needs to be twice as capable.  Koi Carp are voracious eaters and can grow quickly and to a significant size and these will place four times the load than without fish.  So, a 6000L Koi Pond would need a filter capable of processing a 24000 Litres pond without fish.

Once you have filled in the ‘Max Volume’ box and selected ‘No fish’, Fish’ or ‘Koi’ tick box, you can then adjust the ‘Price’ box to refine your search for a filter to match your budget.  If in any doubt, give our team of friendly experts at Water Garden Ltd a call and we will help you select the most effective filter system for you.

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