Water Garden Ltd's full range of Pond, Fountain and Aeration Pumps

Our Pump Range

This department displays our entire pump range. Please use the product filters to find the exact style and performance for your pumping task.

Filter results


If there are no markings on the old pump or if the pump is for a new project, please give us a call or send us an email.  We can then discuss a number of important questions and can then suggest the most suitable pump for you.  Whatever you do, please do not guess as it is likely to result in disappointment or the need to obtain the correct pump 2nd time around.  There are many different pumps and for good reason, as each one is designed for a specific application.  For example, a solids-handling filter pump is perfect for moving dirty water to a pond filter or up to a stream but, is next to useless to supply water to a fountain and the nozzle holes will block.  Do contact us for expert advice so you get exactly what you need, each and every time.


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