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Pond and Lake Dyes

Pond and Lake dyes are effective at combating troublesome algae and weed growth by blocking out light, which is essential for photosynthesis to take place. Acting as sunglasses do with our eyes, pond dyes filter the 'red' end of the light spectrum. Pond dyes will not effect aquatic plants which are above the waters surface and are entirely Fish-Safe.

Pond dyes are produced from commercial grade food colourings and are harmless to fish and pond inhabitants.  On smaller ponds the dye can be used to create a reflective water surface (using the Pond Black dye) making this ideal if planning a reflection pool or pond.  Whilst we strongly suggest circulating the water and ideally filtering this, the dye will also assist in reducing problematic algae growth by blocking the red part of the UV spectrum, required for single-celled organism growth.

On larger ponds and lakes, the lake dyes can be used (ideally in conjunction with a lake aerator to assist in long-term oxygenation and circulation) to reduce and temporarily tackle string algae and single-celled algal bloom.  Lake Shadow (grey/black) and Lake Blue dyes once again block the red part of the spectrum and can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the lake.  The dyes are extremely economical for larger lakes, offering considerable coverage at a low outlay.  Retreatment is usually necessary once per month as the dye will dissipate over time.

Pond and Lake Dyes are also very popular on public features such as adventure golf courses where the blue dye will produce an azure blue effect to the water, enhancing its appearance and helping to manage the water quality.