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Pond Care & Maintenance Tools

Tools for all aspects of pond maintenance, including pond scissors, pond pliers, pond waders, pond thermometers, small and large pond nets, fish nets and algae nets, pond cover nets and complete pond maintenance sets. We also offer a range of pond pest deterrents to ward off predators such as heron, which can decimate a fish stocked pond.

Keeping your pond maintained is an important task to ensure the water quality remains in good condition, alongside your fish and other pond inhabitants.  The prevention of leaf litter and subsequent removal of waste is important as this organic detritus will slowly decompose over time, affecting the water quality.  A pond filter pump can only pull water around itself, so there may be areas of the pond where debris collects and does not pass into the filter system via the pump. 

The use of hand tools can make the task of maintaining your pond a relatively simple one.  Water Garden offer a range of pond scoop nets to remove debris and we also offer a range of cover nets which will help limit the amount of leaf debris entering.  In order to safeguard your fish from unwanted predators, we also stock a range of heron deterrents and electrified fences to scare off these daring species of birds.  Herons can wipe out an entire stock of fish in one sitting so it makes logical sense to dissuade this protected species from enjoying your beloved fish.