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Pond Heaters and Ice Preventers

Keeping an area of the pond surface free of ice in winter is important as it allows crucial gas exchanges to occur in the pond such the purging of harmful ammonia and the entry of vital oxygen. The OASE Pond Heaters and Ice Preventers will effectively maintain an ice-free zone on the surface of the pond and also create warmer zones for the pond fish to congregate during the colder months improving general environmental conditions and minimising stress over the winter.

Pond heaters tend to be the obvious choice for enthusiasts wishing to prevent ice forming on the water surface.  However, it is not always necessary to use high power, energy greedy heaters to do so.  It is only necessary to locally heat the water around the heater element to create an ice free pocket rather than attempting to raise the temperature of the entire pond.

In fact, heaters are not necessarily the most effective way of keeping water from freezing on the pond surface.  Pond aerators will use a fraction of the energy consumed by a standard heater element but will still create pockets of ice-free surface to allow the harmful gasses to exchange in all but the most frigid of conditions.

Pond aerators such as the Oase OxyTex produce a column of bubbles which burst gently at the surface and will prevent ice from forming easily.  However, an aerator or fountain can be used all year round to help oxygenate the water which is beneficial in warmer conditions whereas a pond heater has a much more limited purpose, not to mention its running costs.