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Pond Water Treatments

An artificial pond or lake is a delicate eco-system that requires conservation and maintenance and, unlike a natural pond, it is sometimes necessary to give it a helping hand. Artificial ponds and lakes are influenced by many environmental factors; often ponds are too small for their fish stock; acid rain, sun, leaves, fish waste and other organic pollutants impose added stress on the pond eco-system. Pond water contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, micro-organisms and much more and it is these elements that, correctly managed, make it a living eco-system and thus a healthy habitat for plants and animals.
The natural balance within the pond can be restored and maintained with Oase Aqua Activ, Oase AquaMed, Viresco & Blagdon Interpet water treatments, for sustainable and healthy living pond water.  We provide effective treatments for tap water, green water (single-celled algae), string algae (blanket weed), duckweed, cloudy pond water, silt, low oxygen levels, unstable pH values, high levels of toxic gasses and biological filter treatments.