Green Water (Single-Celled Algae) Pond Water Treatments
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Green Water and Dirty Water Treatments

An extensive range of water treatments, including extract of Barley Straw and Viresco Algae Suppressant, to effectively treat murky & green water problems including algal bloom. Ultraviolet Clarifiers are a highly effective means of continuously killing off single celled algae by applying UV radiation which causes the bloom to flocculate (clump together). The OASE Vitronic and Bitron UV Pond Filter options will tackle suspended algae in ponds up to 240,000 Litres (53,300 Gallons). Please note UV Clarifiers require a pump to pass the water through the UVC unit.

Visibly green pond water is caused by single-celled algae, millions of microscopic organisms suspended in the water, reproducing exponentially and creating the illusion that the pond water itself has turned green.

As well as looking and smelling unpleasant, algae blooms can have a very negative impact on the pond, using vast amounts of dissolved oxygen at night and preventing sunlight from penetrating through the water. This can in turn impact on fish, aquatic plants and other pond life which simply cannot compete with the ever-increasing algae domination.

Water treatments, chemical or natural can be used to kill algae and prevent further reproduction through the removal of key nutrients that algae feed on.