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Starter Bacteria and Tap Water Conditioners

Fresh tap water may look crystal clear, but initially lacks the required chemical stability to be suitable for life to flourish. Vital natural bacteria is required to breakdown the harmful organic by-products of life in the pond. BioKick Filter Starter introduces an instant dose of these cultures which would otherwise take a number of weeks to populate naturally. Fresh water also contains chlorine which is harmful to fish pond life. AquaMed Safe & Care can be introduced to new pond water to instantly purge out chlorine from the water. A Tap Water De-chlorinator System can be installed in line between tap and hose to remove immediately remove chlorine from pond top up water.

BioKick Filter Starter

  • Vital biological cultures for ammonia and nitrite removal.
  • Introduces an instant population of nitrifying bacteria.
  • For use after pond water change/top up or after filter media cleaning/changing.

AquaMed Safe & Care

  • Concentrated new water conditioner.
  • Binds harmful substances such as chlorine and heavy metals in tap water.
  • For use after topping up pond with fresh water at a dosage of 50ml per 1000 litres of fresh water.
  • Also ideal for introduction after heavy rainfall or fish medication.

Tap Water De-Chlorinator System

  • Inline canister system for Chlorine, Chloramine and toxin extraction from tap water.
  • Install between tap and hose pipe to instantly treat fresh tap water on route to the pond.
  • System will effectively process up to 150,000 litre of water before it requires replacing.