String Algae/Blanket Weed Pond Water Treatments
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String Algae (blanketweed) control

An extensive range of algaecides, natural and biological treatments, including Viresco String Algae Suppressant & extract of Barley Straw, to effectively treat blanket weed, otherwise known as Filamentous algae. The Oase String Algae Control will also help to eliminate single celled algae ('Green Water') and Duckweed ('Lemna Minor').

String algae (also known as blanketweed or filamentous algae) develops in a pond, lake or stream if the natural competitors for nutrients, the water plants, are missing from a pond or are lacking in quantity/variety. String algae can spread very rapidly and it is often found in moving water such as water courses, rock fountains, around water cascades, pond filter outlets etc.

You can try to 'weed out' the string algae but if you would like to clear the pond completely, Oase String algae control can work very effectively. The algae will disappear even quicker if additional means are applied such as stabilising the water, adding pond plants, particularly floating plants and so-called oxidising plants.

For a successful treatment with "String algae control" the water hardness must be increased to at least 5° dKH with the help of Hardness plus. (Test the water first).  String algae control works particularly well during the vegetation period. You can often see blanket weed appear in early spring or late autumn when the water is still cold but clear.