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Solar Pond Aerators & Pumps

Water Garden supplies an energy efficient and cost effective range of solar aerators and solar fountain pumps that are particularly suited for small ponds without a local electricity supply. Solar powered pumps and fountains do not require hot weather to operate - sunny conditions are all that's required. Solar Aerators are particularly useful in the summer months however, as warm water cannot support as much oxygen as cooler water temperatures would.

Solar pond aerators and solar fountain pumps will help to add vital oxygen and water circulation and are particularly effective where mains electrical power cannot be introduced easily.  The solar system will produce free energy so are also an environmentally effective choice and will instantly start saving money on running costs.

Solar pond aerators utilise a small pump and force air into the pump where the rising air bubbles inject oxygen and help to move the water, preventing stagnant areas.  Aerators are also an excellent back-up in ponds fitted with a filtration system, should the filter pump fail.

Solar fountain pumps will produce a decorative water display but will also circulate the pond water.  As the water returns and hits the surface, oxygen will also be introduced.  Many of our solar pump kits are supplied with a solar panel for simple set-up and connection.

For larger ponds, waterfalls and streams, Water Garden Ltd can also offer powerful low voltage pumps which can be connected to 12V Solar Panels if desired, offering higher flow rates.  Low voltage submersible pumps such as the AquaMax Eco Premium 6000/12V, 12000/12V and AquaMax Eco Expert 20000/12V are also ideal for use in Swimming Ponds where mains voltage is potentially hazardous.