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Solar Power Accessories

Water Garden provide a complete range of solar power accessories and solar panels to enable you to generate power without the need for mains electricity. The Weatherproof Box can be used to store a Solar Charge Controller, Deep Cyclic Solar Battery and a 240V Inverter, allowing you to power 12 volt DC or even 240 volt AC electrical equipment outdoors. If you need help in creating your own outdoor solar power generator, just contact our friendly team.

Solar power is becoming more and more efficient, enabling pond technology such as fountains and waterfall pumps to be run directly from the sun’s free energy.  Whilst the initial equipment layout can be more than a mains powered installation, the obvious benefits of zero running costs can be an attractive proposition.

Water Garden have selected a range of high quality solar accessories for powering our 12V pond pumps.  Our Solar Panels will produce electrical energy even in cloudier conditions, but of course solar panels operate at the maximum efficiency when subjected to direct sunlight.  The panel can be directly connected to our Aquarius Solar 700 & 1500 Fountain Pumps, the AquaMax Eco Premium 6000/12V Pump, AquaMax Eco Premium 12000/12V Pump and the new AquaMax Eco Expert 20000/12V pump to supply water to a fountain nozzle or via a flexible hose to a decorative stream.  When directly connected, the pump will operate when the sun is shining onto the solar panel but will cease or reduce in cloudier conditions.

If you prefer to store the solar energy for more consistent pump operation, our range of deep cyclic solar batteries and charge controller can be used.  The solar panel supplies power to the battery and the charge controller will monitor the power and prevent the battery from being overcharged or under-discharged.  The pump is then connected to the charge controller and will run until the battery is drained to the maximum limit.  Any surplus power supplied by the panel will be stored in the battery whilst the pump is on or off.