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Weatherproof Switch Boxes

Connect and control multiple outdoor electrical equipment using our range of weatherproof junction and switch boxes. These control boxes allow one cable to be fed in from the home electrical supply, but split into several outlet connections so items such as pumps, pond filters, outdoor lighting or power tools can be switched on or off individually. Remote control options can also be used to switch items on or off at the press of a button, from a distance of up to 100 metres. Our weatherproof boxes are ideal for weatherproofing extension leads, plugs or timers which would otherwise not be suitable for outdoor use.

Water Garden Ltd offer a range of high quality weatherproof switch boxes, outdoor sockets, garden remote controls and electrical cable connectors for use with pond and garden equipment. 

The Switched Distribution Boxes provide a compact solution for connecting multiple outdoor electrical devices such as pond pumps, filters, ultraviolet clarifiers and pond lighting.  A single mains cable is brought in from the house supply and the power is then split to 2,3,4 or 5 individually fused on/off switched outlets.  As each item is hard-wired into the box, the physical size of the box is shorter than multiple weatherproof plug sockets, helping to keep installation neat and tidy.

We also offer a variety of electrical cable connectors for joining and extending cables in both weatherproof IP67 and permanently submersible IP68 guises.  Submersible Junction Box Kits also allow power to be split underwater.

Weatherproof Remote Controls include the Oase FM Master 3 with key fob remote control of pond equipment and the new Oase FM Master WLAN EGC Controller which offers smartphone control of your equipment from either its own 80m range Wi-Fi hotspot or from anywhere in the world via Cloud-based control.