Indoor Water Features & Fountains
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Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features and mist makers are ideal for introducing the sound of moving water into the home or conservatory. Moving water not only looks and sounds appealing, but also assists in humidifying a room, which in turn helps to retain skin moisture and also trap floating dust particles. Central Heating and Air Conditioning rob the air of essential moisture, so why not treat yourself to something attractive - and practical!

Please Note:  Ceramic, real slate and real stone water features are made from natural materials so may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

An indoor fountain or a mist air-humidifier serve as a beautiful decoration, whilst also creating a healthy climate with pleasant, fresh air in living spaces and business premises. The atmosphere of well-being is produced through the ionisation of the ambient air. This natural effect is similar to moving water on the beach or in a waterfall.

By binding the particles floating in the ambient air, a water feature or indoor fountain prevents the mucus membrane and the respiratory tract from drying out and becoming irritated. The even air-humidification (an air-humidity of 45 % to 55 % is medically recommended), supplies the skin with essential moisture and provides added defensive powers, better concentration and improved quality of life.