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Real Stone Water Features

Real Stone Water Features

Water Garden offer a wide range of superb real stone water features, cast stone fountains and decorative cascades. Many of these high quality fountains are self-contained and therefore recirculate the water without the need for a mains water connection. This allows the stone feature to be placed virtually anywhere within the garden, patio or even for use as an indoor attraction such as a lobby or conservatory. Our range of Henri Studio Fountains and sculptures are crafted in exquisite detail and provide a modern or traditional focal point in any landscape.

Water Garden also offer a range of Rainbow Sandstone Features which are crafted from a single piece and looks stunning when wet.

Rainbow Sandstone Water Features.

Please note that these Rainbow Sandstone features are crafted from a single piece of stone.  Therefore, colours and markings may vary slightly due to natural materials used.

Rainbow Sandstone Feature Options.

  1. Our decorative 'Planter' options all feature a drainage hole.
  2. The 'Pond Water Feature' installation version is supplied a high quality Pond Pump and Flexible Hose, for supplying pond water to the feature.
  3. The 'Garden Water Feature' version is supplied with a below ground Water Reservoir, Steel Grid, Hatch, Pump and Hose.  The water is recirculated to the top of the feature, returning to the water reservoir and does not require a mains water supply.

Rainbow Sandstone features look wonderful in the evening when illuminated.  Take a look at our Lighting Systems department for options.  We also offer a wide range of solar powered garden lights.