Can I aerate a lake without a fountain?

Can I aerate a lake without a fountain?

Circulating and oxygenating a lake is crucial to help maintain good water quality, inhibit algae growth and minimise nutrient build-up.  Usually we recommend the use of an floating aerator fountain for this task as it offers excellent aeration and water movement but also provides a decorative water display as a ‘by-product’ of its function.  However, not everyone wants a water display and, in some cases, this is simply unacceptable (possibly due to the requirement for tranquillity, or on a golf course where a fountain may obstruct the golfer’s line of sight).

Sub-surface aeration (also known as diffused lake aeration) is the ideal solution for fully oxygenating a lake but without the need for a fountain or water surface disruption.  Sub-surface aerators consist of an air compressor (usually mounted close to the lake shoreline) and a series of submersed diffusers which sit on the lake floor in strategic positions.  A mass of air bubbles rise up through the water column, diffusing oxygen on their journey and also helping to mix the colder base water with the warmer surface water.  The bubble then burst at the surface causing very little audible or visual surface disturbance.

Diffused aeration is a highly efficient aeration method but usually requires water depths of over 8ft (2.4m) to allow the oxygen to diffuse effectively.  Shallower lake waters can still use this method but become significantly less efficient and therefore often require more compressors and diffusers spread across the lake floor to improve its effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about our diffused lake aeration systems, give Water Garden Ltd a call on 02392 373735 or drop us an email for expert guidance.

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