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How Do I Extend My OASE Guarantee?

Many OASE products offer an extended guarantee length which is provided upon registering your product either in writing or via their online request form.  OASE want to ensure that the product purchased is obtained from a reputable source who can support any warranty claims and offer aftersales assistance. OASE will not offer extended warranties when the product is sourced from auction sites such as eBay as in most cases, the seller offers no support, no returns policy and the goods may not be traceable.

Water Garden Ltd are an official 5 Star Retailer and are your 1st port of call with regards to warranties when purchasing from ourselves.  In most cases, registration of your product is not necessary as we hold purchase records in excess of the maximum extended warranty periods.  Of course you are free to register for added peace of mind.

To save hunting for the form via the Oase website, click here to view the online Extended OASE Guarantee page.  If you have any questions or need a copy of your purchase invoice, just let us know.

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