How much Pond Paint do I need?


How much Pond Paint do I need?

To create a sufficient seal on concrete or render you will require a minimum of two coats.

Our Gold Label Pond Paint has a typical coverage of 8m2 per 1 litre of paint, allowing 2 coats on a 4m2 surface. The paint will be supplied in two parts; paint and hardener. Due to the two-part mixing of this paint, you should only mix up the correct amount needed per application and each coat should be mixed with the hardener separately.

To calculate the correct amount of paint needed, you will need to work out the total surface area of the pond's inner faces. A simple regular shape is the easiest to calculate but if your pond is an irregular shape (i.e. kidney bean/splodge) we suggest using a string line placed around the entire pond perimeter. Measure the length determined as the perimeter and multiply this by the depth to give the pond wall surface area. To calculate the pond base surface area you should create a square or rectangle the same as the outer limits of your pond and multiply the length with the width. By adding these two measurements together you will have calculated the entire ponds internal surface area.


Rectangular pond:  3m L x 2m W x 1m D

Two 3m Side walls:  3m x 1m = 3m² x 2 = 6m².

Two 2m Side Walls:  2m x 1m = 2m² x 2 = 4m².

One Floor:  3m x 2m = 6m².

6m² + 4m² + 6m² = 16m² total surface area.

Total Paint required for a minimum of 2 coats:  4 Litres

Our Pond Paint web page has a handy paint calculator tool so do feel free to use this once you have determined your total surface area.  We recommend only applying Gold Label Pond Paint in temperatures above 16 degrees Celsius and in dry weather to ensure the paint can harden fully.

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