What is a Swimming Pond?

What is a Swimming Pond?

A ’swimming pond’ is an ornamental body of water which can be used for both swimming and for aesthetic appeal.  Unlike conventional swimming pools, swim ponds contain no harmful chemicals and if designed well, can look stunning all year round when not in use for swimming (which let’s face it, may well be the lion’s share of the time).  

The water quality in a swimming pond can be kept in check using pond filtration technology and/or planting in a regeneration zone around the perimeter of the main swimming zone.  Pond filtration technology has advanced hugely over recent years and self-cleaning filters are now available which offer virtually maintenance-free cleaning of the pool.

The main benefit of a swimming pond is the swimming experience itself.  Chlorinated swimming pools can create problems with eyes, skin and respiratory function whereas a swimming pond offers a chlorine-free swimming experience, likened to ‘swimming through silk’ due to the purity of the water.  

A swim pond can also benefit from heating if required and air source heat pumps offer incredibly efficient water heating year-round compared to conventional electrical heaters.

For more details on swimming ponds and their merits, take a look at our Blog Article or contact the team at Water Garden Ltd for further advice and information.

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