140cm Fish Pond and Underground Reservoir
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  • 140cm Fish Pond / Water Reservoir

    • 1000 Litres maximum water capacity.
    • Ø140cm x 90cm Depth.
    • This large rigid plastic reservoir will hold up to 1000 Litres of water and has a depth of 90cm (3ft), making this ideal for large water features or fountains with higher water demands.
    • In addition, this reservoir can also be used as a practical fish pond or quarantine chamber for fish stocking.
    • The optional square steel grid and steel pump access hatch enable water features to be assembled directly on top of the reservoir (loads up to 150KG).
    • Note: The water catchment area can be further extended for use with larger fountain displays, simply by fitting a protective Underlay & flexible liner over the top of the reservoir.

    Please allow around 7-10 Working Days for Delivery of this Reservoir.

  • Quantity:

    £462.00 inc. VAT

    £385.00 exc. VAT

140cm Fish Pond / Water Reservoir Reviews

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