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  • 3 HP Floating Lake Aerator

  • Floating Lake Surface Aerator for Lakes up to 12000m².

    Floating surface aerators are a great way of managing water quality in nutrient rich, stagnating water bodies. Surface aerators are frequently used on private lakes, golf course lakes, farm ponds, in aquaculture, horticulture, waste management and fish farming. Oxygenating water helps improve and maintain water quality and provides vital dissolved oxygen for livestock ponds. Surface aerators use a large, high volume propeller to mix water and air, spewing rich, oxygenated water from the top outlet in the form of a large foaming boil.

    • 220V / 50Hz 1 Phase, 3 HP Motor, 2,618 Watts, 11.9 Amp. OTR 9.0lb/hour.
    • Ideal for aerating lakes of 8000m² to 12000m²  (2.0 – 3.0 acre) surface area.
    • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater installation.
    • Supplied with 3 bottom float brackets and mooring ropes.
    • Minimum water depth for installation is 61cm.
    • Short ‘stub’ power cable for connection to extended cable runs.
    • Control Panel with timers available.

    Please allow around 4 working weeks for delivery of this item.

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Floating Aerators.

Floating aerators are an efficient way of high volume circulating, mixing and oxygenating water.

Aeration will help limit algae growth, prevent stagnation and promote biological activity that keeps water healthy. Aerating can vastly improve water quality and also creates a dissolved oxygen rich environment for aquatic life. These floating lake aerators can infuse up to 3lb of oxygen (per 1 motor HP) per hour in optimal conditions. Floating aerators can be used in deep water bodies, or operated in relatively shallow water. This type of aerator is simple to install and operate, making these units ideal for private lakes as well as commercial applications such as maintaining golf course lake water and aerating fish farming ponds. Surface aerators can be run constantly, or during targeted time periods, such as the warmest part of the day, or overnight in well planted waters.

Saltwater Applications.

This range of floating lake aerators is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater and can therefore be installed in saltwater lagoons and marinas, as well as lakes and ponds. The aerator units are pre-fitted with a protective Zinc Anode on the rotor shaft. This anode will protect the unit from corrosion and electrolysis in saltwater applications, as the anode acts as a sacrificial consumable part, reacting with the saltwater and safeguarding the stainless steel parts by cathodic protection. The Zinc Anode will reduce over time in saltwater and requires replacing when it has reduced to half of its original size, or when it turns white in colour. The Zinc anode would not usually require replacing in most freshwater applications, but should still be checked as a matter of precaution.

Maintenance and Cleaning.

These surface aerators are built very robustly, with mechanical seals and long life bearings and therefore require little in the way of regular maintenance. A general inspection and clean of the unit housing once or twice annually should be all that is required to keep the unit in good condition. Particularly demanding applications may require more regular cleaning. In saltwater, the Zinc anode should be inspected quarterly (every 3 months) and replaced when necessary. If the unit is installed in a hard water area, it may be required to periodically soak the motor assembly in a solution containing water and de-scaler to remove any lime scale collected around the rotor. If the aerator is not being operated during the Winter months, this should be removed from the water and stored away to prevent any standing surface water from freezing around the rotor and outlet areas.

We recommend using ByoFix Lake Bacteria - 1Kg alongside an aerator to improve water quality by increasing and maintaining beneficial aerobic bacteria levels.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Floating Lake Aerators


½ HP Aerator

¾ HP Aerator

1 HP Aerator

2 HP Aerator

3 HP Aerator

Motor Voltage

220V / 50Hz, 1 Phase

Voltage Operating Range

208V – 240V

Motor Watts






Motor HP

½ HP

¾ HP

1 HP

2 HP

3 HP

Running Amps at 220V

2.2 Amp

3.4 Amp

3.7 Amp

8.0 Amp

11.9 Amp

Starting Amp at 220V

6.0 Amp

9.0 Amp

20.0 Amp

40.0 Amp

60.0 Amp

Maximum Lake Surface Area (M²)






Maximum Lake Surface Area (Acres)

0.5 Acre

0.75 Acre

1 Acre

2 Acres

3 Acres

Minimum Water Depth for Installation






Maximum Oxygen Transfer Rate Per Hour






Supplied Cable Length

10 Metres

10 Metres

10 Metres

Short 'Stub'

Short 'Stub'

Recommended Maximum Cable Run

90 Metres

Recommended Cable for 10 Metre Run

1.5mm² (Cable Pre-Fitted)



Recommended Cable for 30 Metre Run






Recommended Cable for 60 Metre Run






Recommended Cable for 90 Metre Run






Guarantee Period

2 Years

3 Years


Floating Aerator Fountain:  Mooring Suggestions.

5-in-1 Fountain Mooring Suggestions

Mooring of the Aerator can be easily achieved using heavy duty fishing wire and suitable ballast such as concrete slabs (not supplied).



3 HP Floating Lake Aerator

  • £9,540.00 inc. VAT

    £7,950.00 exc. VAT

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