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  • Aquamax Eco Twin 20000 (Remote Controlled)

  • The OASE AquaMax Eco Twin 20000 is a submersible water pump that delivers high flow with low energy consumption.

    The two integrated pumps can be electronically regulated by remote control to alter the flow rate and power usage. AquaMax Eco Twin pumps are perfectly suited to fish pond filtration pumping and circulation of water down large streams and watercourses.

    • Maximum flow rate of 20,000 litres per hour.
    • Maximum vertical lift height (head) 4.5 metres.
    • Maximum energy use only 198 watts at full flow.
    • Remote controlled for on/off switching and pump speed control.
    • Secondary inlet allows suction area to be extended for more coverage.
    • Fully protected against dry running with EFC technology.
    • OASE 3 + 2 Year Extended Guarantee for 5 years of cover.
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The OASE AquaMax Eco Twin pumps are unique and innovative pumping units that use combined water flow from two internal pumps to produce high flow rates and excellent controllability.


Identical Twins

The two ‘twin’ pumps that operate within the unit are connected via a manifold at the outlet, so that all of the combined flow is delivered at the outlet. These are robust, heavy duty pumping units that are amongst the most reliable and versatile pumping products available. AquaMax Eco Twin, like all OASE pumps, are manufactured in Germany, to excellent standards of design, build and technical innovation.


Super Suction

The two suction intakes are independent, but can be made to work together, pulling water in through the pump casing, or separated so that one pump is serving to draw through the external filter casing, and the other dedicated to a second intake area which can be connected to another suction accessory, such as a floor strainer or surface skimmer located away from the main pump. The secondary inlet port on the side of the filter casing can be utilised to attach a suction pipe to the inlet of one of the pumps within the unit. The innovative intelligent flap mechanism ensures flow through the unit is optimized regardless of flow speed or suction distribution.



The AquaMax Eco Twin pumps operate via a receiver and remote control which enable the pumps to be switched on and off, and also allows for the speed of the pumps to be regulated electronically by reducing the power output, resulting in a change of flow rate. Each of the twin pumps within the unit is independently controllable, which is a great function to have if the secondary suction inlet is in use, as the suction device being operated from this can be regulated independently of the suction coming in through the pump strainer housing.

AquaMax Clip

The Shell

The AquaMax Eco Twin pump has a large external strainer housing which can pass particles up to 11mm in size, which is an essential feature of a filtration pump to enable organic water to be sucked from the pond and sent to the filter. The top half of the external strainer casing can be removed quickly and easily via securing clips on the sides of the unit, which enable access to the pump for maintenance and secondary suction connections to be made. The removable hatch on the side of the casing will allow a hose pipe connector to be passed through the casing to link a suction device to one of the integral pump inlets.


Making Connections

These units are supplied with hose tail connectors which are multi-staged, allowing for internal hose sizes 1” (25mm), 1 ¼” (32mm), 1 ½” (38mm) and 2” (50mm) to be used. In most cases, 2” (50mm) hose pipe is the most appropriate size to use on the discharge side, at this is delivering the combined flow of both pumps, with 1 ½” (38mm) also acceptable for shorter runs of hose. The suction side if using the secondary inlet should ideally be connected with 1 ½” (38mm) hose pipe, as this will be sucking up to 50% of the units total delivery flow rate.

German Genius


Alongside the many unique innovations of the AquaMax Eco Twin pumps, these units also feature some of the technical innovations seen in other models in the OASE pond and garden range. The pumps are frost-proof down to -20° Celsius, meaning these can remain installed and even operational all year round if the scenario requires it. These are continuous operation pumps designed for round the clock pumping. The AquaMax Eco Twin cannot be dry-installed and is a pump for submersible use only. The pumps are protected by OASE Environmental Function Control (EFC), which will ensure that the power to the pumps is switched off in the case that an accidental dry running occurs.


Getting the Most from an AquaMax Eco Twin

AquaMax Eco Twin pumps operate most efficiently at low pumping height and in scenarios where there is a high flow rate required, but little requirement for vertical pumping. Although these pumps are capable of lifting water, this will result in a considerable drop in flow rate, if the lift is too excessive. Pond filtration systems and streams are ideal situations for using AquaMax Eco Twin pumps.


Guaranteed Reliability

AquaMax Eco Twin pump are covered under guarantee for 5 years though the OASE 3 + 2 Extended Guarantee. This effectively provides 3 years of standard cover, with an additional 2 years warranty cover free of charge if the product can be verified as being obtained through an OASE trusted retailer. This is processed simply by registering your purchase from Water Garden Ltd online.

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Pump Comparison Chart for the OASE Aquamax Eco Twin pump range (20000 - 27000 Litres/Hour)

Aquamax Eco Twin Pump Model2000030000
Max Flow Rate (litres per HOUR)2000027000
Max Flow Rate (litres per minute)335450
Max Discharge Head (metres)4.55.2
Discharge connection2" BSPM
Discharge hose connections (int Ø, inch/mm)1", 1 1/4",1 1/2", 2" / 25, 32, 38, 50mm
Suction connection2" BSPM
Suction hose connections (Int. Ø, inch/mm)1", 1 1/4",1 1/2", 2" / 25, 32, 38, 50mm
Solids handling capacity (mm Ø)11mm
Voltage/Hz220-240V / 50Hz
Power consumption watts198w320w
Cable length (metres)10m (pump) + 1m (receiver)
Dimensions (L x W x H mm)380 x 360 x 205
Weight kgs11
Installation OptionsFully submerged only
Guarantee + Request Guarantee (F.O.C.)3 + 2 years

Aquamax Twin Control

  • Powerful filter pump with 2 motors individually speed adjusted by remote control
  • High Flow optimised impeller and energy efficient motor achieves low power consumption
  • Solids handling of particles up to 11mm Ø
  • Integrated, intelligent dry run and blockage protection with Oase (EFC) Environmental Function Control
  • Winter proof down to - 20°C thanks to Oase Intelligent Frost Protection Technology
  • Supplied complete with multistage hose connectors for internal hose diameters of 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" / 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm
  • The guarantee of 3 years can be extended F.O.C. by an additional 2 years on request for a total of 5 years.

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Performance Data

Performance Data

Pump Performance Curves for the OASE Aquamax Eco Twin pump range (20000 - 27000 Litres/Hour).

Aquamax Eco Twin

H (mWS) = Metres Head; Q (l/min) = litres per minute

1 metre = 3ft 3"; 1 gallon = 4.5 litres


Watercourse Pump Selection Diagram for Aquamax Eco Twin Pumps

Watercourse Pump Selection Diagram for Aquamax Eco Twin Filter Pumps.

Aquamax Eco Twin 20000 (Remote Controlled)

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