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  • biOrb HALO Grey - 15 litre MCR Light

  • The biOrb HALO 15 is a spherical lifestyle aquarium with a 15 Litre capacity. The Spherical design offers extremely effective circulation and filtration ability and ensures full water turn over. The integrated MCR HALO light features a variety of colours and settings which due to the spherical shape emits beautiful patterns and shapes on surrounding surfaces. Offering a full 360º every detail within the biOrb is viewable, so decoration should be considered from every angle. Unlike most other aquariums the acrylic construction prevents shattering and scratches can be easily removed using the biOrb scratch remover.

    The HALO 15 is suitable for keeping a small school of fish no larger than 1.5" and colonies of crustaceans such as cherry shrimp (Neocaridina) which are available in an assortment of colours and patterns. The aquarium comes with every thing that is needed to get setup and running: the aquarium, an integrated MCR HALO light with remote control, aquarium filter, air pump with airline and filtration media. To assist in decorating your biOrb HALO 15, Water Garden Ltd have produced several Decoration Packs which give a variety of designs to suit colour schemes.

    • MCR Colour Changing lighting with remote control supplied.
    • Integrated Filter and externally mounted Air Pump provided.
    • Aquarium Dimensions (Ø x H) - 30cm x 33cm
    • Weight (without water and decoration) - 3.5kg
    • Water Volume: 15 Litres (3.3 Gallons)
    • 2 year biOrb Guarantee
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    £94.99 inc. VAT

    £79.16 exc. VAT

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