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  • biOrb Service Kit - 12 Months

  • biOrb recommend maintaining your aquarium regularly every 4 - 6 weeks to ensure water quality is at its best. In order to carry out maintenance you will need to complete a water change, install a new filter cartridge, and clean the aquarium. The service kit contains everything you'll need to complete this 12 times. If keeping fish or crustaceans in your biOrb, Water Garden Ltd recommend only changing 25% of the water to avoid 'new tank syndrome'. For decorative (no livestock) aquariums we recommend refilling your biOrb with RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water to keep it clean and clear for a longer period.

    Reverse Osmosis is a process which extracts dissolved minerals and elements from water leaving it in its pure form of H2O. This water is not suitable for keeping livestock as it is void of any element and salt traces, water in its pure form is extremely absorbent and will literally dehydrate any livestock as it draws elements and salts from their bodies. The reason for using RO water in decorative aquariums is that algae will find it extremely difficult to colonise as there is no food source for them, which in turn will keep your biOrb cleaner for longer.

    Exclusively to Water Garden each Service Kit contains:

    • 12x Filter Cartridge
    • 12x Water Conditioner and Biological Booster packs
    • 12x Non scratch Cleaning Pads
    • 4x 100ml Water Optimiser
    • 4x Replacement Airstone
    • 4x Scratch Removal Pack
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