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  • DC60000 Circulation Pump

  • Circulatory water pump for use in large ponds, lakes and streams to provide extra water movement and circulation.  In large bodies of water, areas of static water can appear. These areas quickly stagnate due to a lack of dissolved oxygen and become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria and toxic forms of algae.  Moving water holds onto its oxygen content which allows for aerobic bacteria (the good bacteria) to flourish and assist in breaking down waste products such as ammonia and nitrates.

    The DC60000 provides a large volume turnover rate of up to 56,000 litres/Hour with a maximum head of 5.5m whilst the energy efficient pump consumes only 560 watts. The pump can be installed upright delivering flow from the bottom of the lake to the surface, or to pass water along the lake or pond floor.  The DN100 outlet requires DN100 rigid outlet pipes and bends (not supplied) which can be obtained from local plumbing or building merchants.

    • Maximum Flow Rate: 56,000 Litres / Hour.  Maximum Delivery Head: 5.5 m.
    • Power Consumption: 560 Watts.  Power Supply: 230V / 50Hz.
    • Cable Length: 10 metres 
    • 8mm Solids Handling Capability
    • Outlet size: 4" / DN100
    • Submersed Use Only
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • Dimensions: 225mm x 225mm x 390mm
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    £315.00 inc. VAT

    £262.50 exc. VAT

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